Civil society organizations (CSOs) and youth-led organizations (YLOs) play a crucial role in advancing equity and improving health. They help ensure that policies and budgets address the perspectives and experiences of women, children, and adolescents in efforts to strengthen health service delivery and system reforms.

Over the years, Global Financing Facility (GFF) CSO engagement has put a particular focus on country-level actions, especially engagement in the design, implementation and accountability of national investment case and health financing strategy. Supporting and strengthening a strong advocacy CSO community on reproductive maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition at country and global level has also been a critical enabling factor for ensuring prioritization of this agenda and supporting sustainable financing and prioritized allocation for partners countries and donors.

Since the launch of the 2021–2025 GFF CSO and youth engagement framework, actions have focused on strengthening CSO engagement in GFF processes and identifying mechanisms for stronger collaboration and support in three main pillars of the GFF:

  • Country engagement: In 17 countries, civil society and youth have actively been involved in the development of the country investment case. CSOs are also actively engaged in advocacy and accountability across 28 countries, from community to national level. Further, a collaborative effort across the Global Fund, Gavi, UHC2030, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH), and the GFF, has supported CSOs and youth groups with resources, tools and evidence to conduct advocacy and accountability for public sustainable financing of health services.
  • Global engagement: The GFF CSO constituency, through the Civil Society Coordinating Group (CSCG) and the Global Youth Platform, share valuable insights that ensure the GFF meaningfully engages these groups at global and national level.
  • CSO governance and hosting: There are two civil society seats (two principals and two alternate representatives) and one youth seat (one principal and one alternate representative) that serve as members of the Investors Group—the GFF’s governance body—which helps ensure policies and strategies are inclusive and address the needs of communities.
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