With GFF support, partner countries take the lead in setting their own goals and priorities for women’s, children’s and adolescent health. They also convene development partners through the country platform to align support and financing around priorities for better, more sustainable health outcomes.

Partner countries are also a key constituency of the GFF’s governance structure. Government representatives – often Ministers of Health – are part of the GFF Investors Group, sharing knowledge and best practices to help shape the GFF’s strategic direction and strengthen its impact.

 Yusuf Majidi

“The government of Tajikistan is committed to accelerating health system reforms to create a foundation for Tajikistan’s future economic growth and prosperity. Through our collaboration with the GFF, we are prioritizing investments to build more resilient health systems which can withstand multiple shocks and serve the needs of all women, children and adolescents”. - Yusuf Majidi, Deputy Minister of Finance, Tajikistan and GFF Coordinator in Tajikistan

GFF’s Country Leadership Program
Bolstering Country Leadership

Government and community leaders in GFF partner countries are championing efforts to improve the health of women, children and adolescents. Find out how the GFF’s Country Leadership Program supports leaders with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to drive transformational change across health systems.

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H.E. Prof. Awa Marie Coll-Seck at a GFF event
Strengthening Partner Alignment

Supporting countries to align partners around national priorities has always been key element of the GFF model. The Alignment Working Group (AWG), a two-year collaboration between GFF countries and development partners was launched in 2021 to further amplify country voice in the dialogue around alignment. The initiative aims to provide recommendations and concrete action plans for strengthening alignment around financing and health service delivery in selected countries.

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