The global GFF governance arrangements are focused exclusively on the GFF’s core mandate of supporting smart, scaled, and sustainable financing to achieve RMNCAH results at country level, both through the broader facility and the GFF Trust Fund.  They also support the GFF’s role as a pathfinder around financing for development (including with regard to domestic resource mobilization) and so will evolve in light of developments with regard to the SDGs and the updated Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s, and Adolescents’ Health.  GFF governance is a lean mechanism that is designed to strengthen coordination between key investors so as to facilitate complementary financing of Investment Cases at country-level.  This provides global support to the discussions around complementary financing that occur through the country platform.

The GFF governance handles two discrete functions:

  1. Ensuring that the GFF succeeds in mobilizing complementary financing for Investment Cases and health financing strategies in GFF countries

  2. Ensuring that the GFF Trust Fund uses its resources to provide financing in ways that achieve results while being catalytic and driving sustainability.