The GFF's governance comprises two global bodies: the GFF Trust Fund Committee (TFC) and the GFF Investors Group (IG).

The GFF Trust Fund is governed by the Trust Fund Committee (TFC), which comprises representatives of the World Bank, governments, and foundation donors that contribute to the GFF Trust Fund. Drawing on advice from the GFF IG, the TFC is the main decision-making body of the GFF Trust Fund, overseeing the GFF’s strategic priorities and approving funding allocation for countries that are eligible to receive GFF grants.

The broad set of partners that comprise the GFF—including Ministers of Health, civil society organizations, the private sector, United Nations agencies, Gavi, and the he Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, along with private foundations — come together regularly at the global level through the GFF Investors Group (IG). The IG plays a key role in supporting and fostering alignment and coherence at the country level for the GFF partnership.

The GFF Secretariat is responsible for managing the daily work of the GFF, including the GFF Multi-donor Trust Fund; analytical work and technical assistance to GFF-supported country platforms, programs, and projects; engagement with global donors, partners, and stakeholders; results monitoring and reporting; and knowledge and learning.