Investing in women and children is one of the most impactful actions a country can make. It improves population health, empowers women to be agents of change in their communities, and puts countries on a path towards development and prosperity.  

Through its 2021-2025 strategy, the GFF is supporting countries to build health system capacity, align funding behind a prioritized health plan, and unlock policies, financing and systems that improve the health of women, children and adolescents.  

Developed in consultation with stakeholders, the strategy strengthens the GFF’s country-led partnership model and impact through five strategic directions:


Bolstering country leadership


Advancing equity and gender equality


Reimagining frontline service delivery


Building more equitable health financing systems


Maintaining a relentless focus on results


Global Financing Facility Strategy 2021-2025: Protecting, Promoting and Accelerating Health Gains for Women, Children and Adolescents

The strategy was endorsed by the GFF Trust Fund Committee and Investors Group in October 2021.

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