The GFF supports Indonesia’s leadership to reduce stunting among children. Among other priorities, the government is investing in the scaleup of early childhood development services, nutrition-sensitive food assistance, and behavior change communication efforts.

The GFF support is focused on specific catalytic actions including strengthening national coordination and accountability, closing gaps in service delivery and reforming health financing. The GFF contributed to the scaling up of a village convergence scorecard and mobilization of health development workers (HDWs) to empower 70,000+ villages to converge services and leverage village budgets for stunting reduction. Moreover, the GFF supports the rollout of innovative technology solutions (for example, the e-HDW mobile application) to enable real-time monitoring from 75,000 villages and improve HDW capacity to manage the convergence program.

In addition, the GFF helps improve fiscal transfers to districts and villages and supports the development of a system for tracking government expenditures on nutrition, among other interventions.