The GFF Secretariat is hosted by the World Bank based in Washington, DC. The Secretariat is responsible for the daily work of the GFF, manages the GFF Trust Fund and supports GFF processes in country. The Secretariat, which has core staff as well as secondments from partners, includes experts in health systems, health financing, civil registration and vital statistics, nutrition, family planning, the private sector, communications and partnerships, among others. The Secretariat supports the governance of the GFF including the Investors Group and the GFF Trust Fund Committee.

The Secretariat can be reached at

Dr. Muhammad Pate
Global Director, Health, Nutrition and Population|Director, GFF
Muhammad Ali Pate is the Global Director, Health, Nutrition and P
Dr. Monique Vledder
Practice Manager
Monique Vledder is the practice manager of the GFF.
Ali Winoto Subandoro
Nutrition Specialist Country Focal Point for Indonesia, Rwanda
Ali Winoto Subandoro is a Nutrition Specialist at the GFF.
Aissa Socorro
Communications Assistant
Aissa Socorro supports the development, implementation, monitorin
Augustina Nikolova
Operations Officer
Augustina Nikolova leads the administrative matters of the GFF Se
Brendan Hayes
Health Specialist, Country Focal Point for Cameroon, Uganda
Brendan Hayes is a Health Specialist leading the sexual and repro
Ellen Van de Poel
Economist, Country Focal point for Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Myanmar
Ellen Van de Poel is a Health Economist supporting countries in d
Jeffery Tanner
Senior Economist
Jeff Tanner is a Senior Economist leading the evaluation agenda a
Julie Ruel-Bergeron
Nutrition Specialist
Julie Ruel-Bergeron is a Nutrition Specialist supporting both tec
Katri Bertram
Senior Partnership Specialist
Katri Bertram is the Senior Partnership Specialist at the GFF.
Kimberly Boer
Senior Health Specialist
Leslie Elder
Senior Nutrition Specialist, Country Focal Point for Vietnam, Cambodia
Leslie Elder is a Senior Nutrition Specialist with more than 25 y
Luc Laviolette
Lead Health Specialist, Country Focal Point for Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Nigeria
Luc Laviolette leads the Country Programs of the GFF.
Maletela Touane-Nkhasi
Senior Health Specialist
Maletela Tuoane-Nkhasi leads the Civil Registration and Vital Sta
Maria Eugenia Bonilla-Chacin
Lead Economist, Country Focal Point for Bangladesh, Madagascar
Maria Eugenia Bonilla-Chacin leads the health financing for the G
Marie Yenko
Senior Program Assistant
Marie Yenko provides support to the Director of the GFF and opera
Marion Cros
Senior Economist, Country Focal point for Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Senegal
Marion Cros is a Health Economist with 12 years of public health
Mirja Sjöblom
Senior Economist Country Focal point for Guatemala, Mozambique
Mirja Sjoblom is a Senior Economist working on issues related to
Petra Vergeer
Senior Health Specialist, Country Focal point for Liberia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone
Petra Vergeer is a Senior Health Specialist with over 20 years’ e
Robert Scherpbier
Senior Health Specialist
Robert Scherpbier is a Senior Health Specialist leading data driv
Sneha Kanneganti
Health Specialist
Sneha Kanneganti leads private sector engagement for the Global F
Stephanie Saulsbury
Operations Analyst
Stephanie Saulsbury is an Analyst supporting donor and partner ma
Vineetha Menon
Financial Analyst
Vineetha Menon is a financial analyst for the GFF who oversees th
Supriya Madhavan
Senior Health Specialist
Supriya Madhavan is a senior health specialist working on analyti