The Forum Galien Afrique will be held in Dakar 6-10 December, 2022 with a central theme of "Accelerating Africa's march towards Universal Health Coverage". As a part of the forum, the Lancet Commission on the Future of Health and Economic Resilience in Africa (FHERA) will host a roundtable in collaboration with the Global Financing Facility (GFF). The roundtable will focus on critical governance, policy and regulatory challenges facing African governments in achieving universal access to quality reproductive health services; assess key technical, financing, procurement and supply chain barriers; and propose realistic approaches and options for addressing the challenges at the regional and national levels, as well as by external development partners supporting countries in the continent.


Pr Awa Marie COLL-SECK, Minister of State, President of the CN-ITIE, President of the Scientific Committee (Senegal)


Pr Senait FISSEHA, Director of Global Programs, Susan Buffet Foundation (Ethiopia/USA)

Dr Pape Amadou GAYE, Founding President of Baobab Institute for Health and Development (Senegal)

Panelists: Governance, Regulation, Technical and Financing Challenges

DrJean-Jacques Mbungani MBANDA, Minister of Health (DRC)
Pr Issac ADEWOLE, Governance at SEMA Reproductive Health (Nigeria)
Dr Samukeliso DUBE, Executive Director, FP2020 (Zimbabwe)
Ms. Christina CHILIMBA,  All for Youth Malawi Advocate (Malawi)
Marian W. WENTWORTH, President and CEO of Management Sciences for Health (USA)
Mr. Faustin MUKENA, CEO of Africa Resource Center (ARC)
Dr Banchi DESSALEGN, Africa Director of Marie Stopes International (MSI)

Panelists: Power, Resources and the Stakeholders – Identifying Challenges

Dr Robert KARGOUGOU, Minister of Health (Burkina Faso) TBC
Mrs. Solange KONE, President of the NGO Health Federation of Côte d'Ivoire
Dr Amir Aman HAGOS, Senior Advisor, GFF Secretariat (Ethiopia)
Dr Mairo MANDARA, Special Advisor and Coordinator for Sustainable Development, Partnerships and Humanitarian Assistance to the Executive Governor of Borno State

Panelists: Forward Looking – Proposed Actions and Solutions

Dr Dereje DUGUMA, State Minister, Ministry of Health (Ethiopia)
Blaire Sachs HANEWALL, Executive Director, SEMA Reproductive Health (USA)
Dr Muhammed Ali PATE, Julio Frenk Professor of the Practice of Public Health Leadership at Harvard TH School of Public Health (Nigeria/USA)
Arafat KABUGO, Naguru Youth Health Network Program Coordinator (Uganda)

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