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IDA Project Appraisal Document for The Strengthening Primary Health Care and Surveillance in Haiti Project

Project Appraisal Document

May 29,2019

Objectives of Strengthening Primary Health Care and Surveillance Project for Haiti are to increase utilization of primary health care services in selected geographical areas, and strengthen surveillance capacity especially for cholera.

The project has 4 components:

  1. Strengthening primary health care service delivery component will finance activities to strengthen Primary Health Care (PHC) service delivery via PHC referral networks, with each network consisting of:
    • a community referral hospital, health centers and dispensaries operating at different levels within the network; and
    • Community Health Workers at the community level.
  2. Strengthening surveillance and control for infectious diseases component will help maintain the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP’s) effective nationwide surveillance and response capacity in the fight against cholera achieved under the ongoing Improving Maternal and Child Health through Integrated Social Services (PASMISSI), while integrating cholera surveillance and response tools into the general surveillance and response systems. This component will continue to ensure the financing of critical surveillance and control activities for cholera and will expand to cover other infectious diseases, including two vaccine-preventable diseases – diphtheria and measles – and maternal deaths (all of which are part of the list of mandatory notifiable diseases), complementing the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for MSPP’s surveillance capacity.
  3. Supporting project management and implementation support component will finance activities to strengthen the capacity of the central MSPP units and Departmental health authorities in the coordination, implementation management and supervision of the Project (including fiduciary aspects and monitoring and evaluation, safeguards and reporting of Project.