The project development objective is to increase the delivery and use of high impact maternal and child health interventions and improve quality of care available to the people in Nasarawa and Ondo and all the states in the North-East.

The proposed additional financing represents a sensible means for achieving the objectives of the GFF, specifically: (a) it focuses on strengthening RMNCAH; (b) it does so in a part of the country where maternal and child health outcomes are lagging far behind; (c) it responds to a Government request from the highest levels to meet a pressing need; (d) it is associated with an IDA operation that uses innovative and results-based approaches; and (e) it has already benefited from extensive coordination and consultation with civil society and development partners and provides opportunities for both to be involved in implementation. In order to access the GFF trust fund resources, countries need to develop an Investment Case (IC) and a health care financing strategy and this work has already started.