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Health Financing: Domestic Resource Mobilization

Paper | 4th Investors Group Meeting | GFF/IG4/4

Nov 02,2016

Health financing is a recurrent item on the agenda of the GFF Investors Group. At the second Investors Group meeting, the financing discussion focused on issues related to health financing transitions and on trends in development assistance for health and for RMNCAH, while at the third Investors Group meeting a number of partners shared their experiences with providing complementary financing. This time the focus is on domestic resource mobilization (DRM).

The paper draws on two sources of publicly available data to explore these questions. Data on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, an indicator of national income, and economic growth rates are taken from the WBG’s World Development Indicators. Health expenditure data are taken from the Global Health Expenditure database of WHO, numbers that are also reported in World Development Indicators.