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Global Financing Facility Expansion Plan to Support 50 Countries in the Period 2018-2023

Publication | GFF Secretariat

Oct 23,2018

The aim of the Global Financing Facility (GFF) replenishment is to raise an additional US$2 billion for the GFF Trust Fund for 2018–23 to support the 50 countries with the highest maternal, newborn, and child mortality burdens and funding needs and to enable them to accelerate progress on universal health care (UHC) in support of the health- and nutrition-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To do so, the GFF Secretariat has developed an expansion strategy for the GFF over the period 2018-23. This approach is based on an analysis of the main lessons learned to date from implementing the GFFand includes feedback from a range of stakeholders.

This paper is not meant to present a comprehensive evaluation of the GFF model; such an evaluation will be carried out once countries have accumulated sufficient experience in implementing the GFF approach.

This strategy document is part of the replenishment package and complements and draws on other documents, including the impact modeling of the GFF1 and the 2017–18 Annual Report with early results and case studies, launched in July 2018.