Managing Markets for Health (MM4H) online course

Managing Markets for Health (MM4H) online course

Sep 06, 2020 09:58 AM - Sep 26, 2020 09:58 AM

University of Edinburgh
Global Financing Facility

The Global Financing Facility, in partnership with UKAID, is pleased to invite you and your country colleagues to enroll in the Managing Markets for Health (MM4H) on-line course managed by the University of Edinburg.

The MM4H on-line course is designed for policymakers and global health practitioners working to strengthen health systems in LMICs and provides practical guidance on how to develop and implement effective policies to engage the private health sector. The course focuses on private sector engagement on how to ensure essential services supporting universal health coverage goals but has been redesigned to also address how to mobilize private sector capacity to tackle COVID-19.

The MM4H course runs 4 weeks starting Monday 7th September and is offered in both English and French for free to all learners. It is a mixture of videos, live webinars with Q&A and weekly quizzes supported by an 'operational guide' that functions as the course 'textbook’. The learner can participate in the live weekly webinars or view the recorded session at their convenience. There is also opportunities for the learner to directly engage with the instructors in English or French throughout the course through a “chat box” feature.

Each week covers a different aspect in designing a market intervention to optimize private sector capacity that can be applied to addressing COVID-19 specific challenges and/or issues related to maintaining essential health services. The course involves approximately five hours per week. The learner will receive a certificate from the University of Edinburg upon successful completion of the course quizes. For further information and to enroll in the course, please go to: