GFF Replenishment Event

GFF Replenishment Event

Nov 06, 2018
09:00 - 03:30 PM

Oslo City Hall
Rådhusplassen 1
Oslo 0037

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Every year, more than 5 million women, children and adolescents die from preventable conditions. Although development aid is at record levels and countries are allocating significant domestic funds, a new approach to health financing is needed if we are to reach Sustainable Development Goal 3 by 2030. The Global Financing Facility (GFF) in Support of Every Woman Every Child is a new approach to sustainable health financing that is transforming how countries finance and invest in the health of their people.

The Governments of Norway and Burkina Faso, the World Bank, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be hosting two events - Beating the Drum: Domestic Resource Use and Mobilization for Accelerating Progress Towards SDG3+, and the Global Financing Facility Replenishment on 5-6 November 2018.

Beating the Drum: Domestic Resource Use and Mobilization for Accelerating Progress Towards SDG3+ conference will feature roundtable discussions focusing on increasing public-sector revenue for health, as well as on enhancing efficiency and equity. Bringing high-level representatives together from low- and lower-middle-income countries, global health initiatives/funds, multilateral agencies, civil society and the private sector, these roundtable discussions will also explore how global financing agencies can contribute to this agenda.

Background Paper: Beating the DRUM in Lower-Income Countries: Domestic Resource Use and Mobilization for SDG3

Presentation: Beating the DRUM for UHC - Christoph Kutowski/ The World Bank

The Global Financing Facility Replenishment will support the GFF’s expansion to 50 countries, by bringing together country leaders, civil society organizations, the private sector as well as technical and financial partners committed to health and nutrition, particularly for women, children and adolescents who have been left furthest behind.

This event is by invitation only.

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