The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. Its wide-ranging impacts, including disruptions to essential health services are hitting women, children and adolescents hardest and widening existing inequities. This devastating collateral damage on women and children's health demands bold solutions and urgent and additional investment to prevent long term consequences.

This high-level event is part of the Global Financing Facility’s (GFF) “Reclaim the Gains” resource mobilization campaign, co-hosted by the Governments of Canada and Senegal, and the World Bank. It will bring together leaders from countries, partners, civil society and the private sector to highlight how COVID-19 has impacted health systems and communities and how governments are responding. It will also focus on the role that GFF and partners are playing to help countries respond to the immediate needs for COVID-19 tools and vaccines while continuing to strengthen health systems and front-line responses that address the needs of women, children and adolescents.

The event will take place in partnership with the Embassy of Canada in Washington DC. In-person attendance is limited and by invitation only. To watch the event online, please register through the link above.

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