The project development objective is to improve the quality of primary healthcare services nation-wide with a focus on maternal, neonatal and child health (MNCH) services. 

A core objective of the GFF is to support countries to harmonize RMNCAH financing and to move towards sustainability by harnessing domestic resources. In the case of Tanzania, the draft Health Financing Strategy encompasses several key strategies to realize the above vision, namely: (i) creating fiscal space through efficiencies; (ii) better defining functions of key actors in the sector including purchasers and providers of health services; and (iii) improving value for money with a pay-for-quality element in the planned capitation payment for PHC. The proposed program supports the government to operationalize such strategies and includes targets for improvements in (i) domestic financing for health; (ii) capacity of institutions involved in purchasing and provision; and (iii) value for money through the introduction and scale-up of Performance-Based Financing at various levels.