Focal point for CSOs
at the GFF Secretariat:

Katri Bertram


GFF Engagement with CSOs EN | FR | PDF | 0.1MB | 
CS Engagement Strategy EN | FR | PDF | 0.9MB
Implementation Plan for the GFF CS Engagement Strategy EN | PDF | 1.0MB


Guidance Note: Inclusive Multi-stakeholder Country Platforms in Support of Every Women Every Child EN | FR | PDF | 1.05 MB
Webinar for CSOs and Partners: GFF - the country-led catalyst for health and nutrition EN | FR | PDF | 3.3MB

Civil society

Civil society organizations (CSOs) play an important role in advocacy, social mobilization and campaigning, as well as accountability and service delivery. Advocacy and social mobilization by affected populations is critical to ensuring accountability and strong national responses, in addition to unique insights into needs of affected populations and approaches to service delivery. Civil society is represented on the GFF Investors Group by Africa Health Budget Network and Jhpiego. CSO representatives are selected for two years in a process managed by PMNCH, which coordinates a GFF CSO group of approximately 150 members.