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GFF Private Sector Engagement Strategy

Presentation | 2nd Investors Group Meeting

Feb 17,2016

Private sector is key to realizing the GFF objectives:

  • Flow of international private finance dwarfs ODA: US$135 bn ODA vs. US$778 bn FDI and US$400 bn remittances
  • Private expenditure on health is >50% of total health expenditure in more than 60% of GFF countries
  • Analysis of DHS data across low and middle income countries shows over a third of deliveries with appropriate care take place in the private sector, as well as over half of all care for pediatric diarrhea and fever
  • Countries already have mixed health systems, although in many the private sector is not sufficiently leveraged to deliver on national health goals

Given the GFF is a new mechanism, proposed approach is to develop a private sector strategy focused on 2016, rather than a lengthy planning process for a multi-year document.