Monitoring Adolescent School Health and Nutrition Programs and Interventions Answering The Why, What, Who, and How

Brief/Fact Sheet

Feb 28,2022

This brief provides broad guidance aimed at supporting the development and implementation of monitoring mechanisms within school health and nutrition programs supported by World Bank lending.
This resource provides an overview of how monitoring indicators are applied across a logical framework and includes examples of indicators for select school-based health and nutrition interventions when monitoring at the national, subnational, or individual level. Specific examples of how countries monitor school health and nutrition programs across five implementation models (described in the Adolescent School Health and Nutrition: Reach and Relevance Brief, developed as part of this series are also included, with specificity on monitoring responsibility and information flows between education and health sectors. Adaptation of school health and nutrition programs in times of school closures, such as those experienced globally due to the emergence of COVID-19, are addressed elsewhere.

For further information on this topic, please review the Frontiers in Public Health article, Considerations for Monitoring School Health and Nutrition, authored by Schultz and Ruel-Bergeron.

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