Identifying Priorities in Child and Maternal Health 

Government Contact

M. Djourbé Taiki Zeuné

Official at the Ministry of Economy and Development Planning of Chad


The Challenge

A child born in Chad today will be 29 percent less productive in adulthood than a child who received a quality education and benefited from appropriate health services. In Chad, 40 percent of children suffer from stunting, and children aged 4-18, spend no more than five years in school on average. Chad also has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in central Africa, with 856 deaths for every 100,000 live births,and a high early pregnancy rate.

The GFF Partnership Response

Chad’s investment case is under development and initial steps have been taken to lay its foundation including the establishment of a multi-stakeholder country platform and a roadmap. Nutrition is a core element in Chad’s priorities and is encouraged by the example of Senegal where it significantly reduced the rate of malnutrition by using local products and an effective community strategy.


Studies and other analytical activities including resource mapping, maternal mortality and nutrition analysis, and an evaluation of the health information system- particularly quality of the data, and analysis of the pharmaceutical sector are being planned to support the development of the investment case. Secondary analyses of the recently completed MICS survey will occur in collaboration with UNICEF to inform implementation planning.